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Scientific studies have proven the impact of Bettercare programmes on staff confidence, knowledge and patient care.


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  • Formal examination, speak to your institution about co-ordinating a learning group and a setting up an examination.
  • Certificates are awarded when students complete the formal examination and achieve a mark of 80% and above. The certificates are digital and sent via email to the facilitator.

We are determined that … every one of our maternity nurses must have completed the Maternal Care and Newborn Care courses.

I have made the PEP course a compulsory self-study programme … Manapo Hospital in QwaQwa is a success story where we successfully reduced the neonatal mortality rate by 66% in only three months.

Basic, simple to use, self study educational resources primarily in maternal and neonatal care that can be used at any level … used by thousands of health care workers in South Africa and beyond to improve their knowledge and skills.

Learning programmes

We provide the learning programme, you run the course. A learning programme is the curriculum and study material you need to run a course, all in one book.

Whether you lead a study group or manage formal training, our learning programmes make your job simpler and easier.

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