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Get complete peace of mind: the most important, appropriate knowledge and skills, developed by leading experts.
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Simply give each participant one book, and form study groups for effective peer learning – no need for off-site training.
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Proven to boost care and confidence

Scientific studies have proven the impact of Bettercare programmes on staff confidence, knowledge and patient care.

A letter to our Bettercare community: changes in 2020

During this difficult year, we’ve had to make some important decisions that may affect you.

  • From September 2020, Bettercare is run entirely by part-time volunteers, so we can’t reply to all emails.
  • For common questions, please visit our community forum.
  • We are not currently able to provide exams and certificates.
  • We are no longer selling books directly. It is possible to order books printed for you as bulk orders.

Please read more here for further details.

Our staff is very impressed with the available programs and content

Basic, simple to use, self study educational resources primarily in maternal and neonatal care that can be used at any level … used by thousands of health care workers in South Africa and beyond to improve their knowledge and skills.

We are determined that … every one of our maternity nurses must have completed the Maternal Care and Newborn Care courses.

Learning programmes

We provide the learning programme, you run the course. A learning programme is the curriculum and study material you need to run a course, all in one.

Whether you lead a study group or manage formal training, our learning programmes make your job simpler and easier.

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