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A letter to our Bettercare community: changes in 2020

During this difficult year, we’ve had to make some important decisions that may affect you.

  • From September 2020, Bettercare is run entirely by part-time volunteers, so we can’t reply to all emails.
  • For common questions, please visit our community forum.
  • We are not currently able to provide exams and certificates.
  • We are no longer selling books directly. It is possible to order books printed for you as bulk orders.

Please read more here for further details.

We are determined that … every one of our maternity nurses must have completed the Maternal Care and Newborn Care courses.

I have made the PEP course a compulsory self-study programme … Manapo Hospital in QwaQwa is a success story where we successfully reduced the neonatal mortality rate by 66% in only three months.

Our staff is very impressed with the available programs and content

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