Ebola Prevention and Control

Ebola Prevention and Control is a crucial guide to managing, preventing and controlling Ebola and other viral haemorrhagic fevers, especially in resource-limited settings.

Chapters cover:

  • virology and epidemiology
  • patient management
  • protection of healthcare workers
  • support services and documentation
  • communication and community engagement.

Ebola Prevention and Control is suited to healthcare workers, managers and administrators tasked with preventing, controlling and managing outbreaks of viral haemorrhagic diseases.

  • Full title: Ebola Prevention and Control:
  • Author(s): Infection Control Africa Network
  • With contributor(s): Illustrations by Lizelle Niit and Kevin Shelley
  • Print ISBN: 978-1-920218-86-7
  • Reflowable ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-88-1
  • PDF-ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-87-4


“An essential item for your clinic and hospital shelves. All those involved in the care of patients suspect for having Ebola should be familiar with the contents of this book.”- Prof Dale Fisher

About the authors

This book was developed by Dr Angela Dramowski (Stellenbosch University) and Professor Shaheen Mehtar (Stellenbosch, ICAN, WHO), and is endorsed by the Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN).

Reviewers and contributors

Development of this book was a collaborative effort with the Academic Unit for Infection Prevention and Control at Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa.

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