The aim of this book is to promote and improve the care of all children with tuberculosis, especially in under-resourced communities in southern Africa. The learning material is presented in a way which enables groups of healthcare workers to take responsibility for their own continuing training.

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the original co-author Prof R Gie and contributions of Prof N. Beyers, Prof S. Schaaf, Prof P. Jeena, Prof R. Green, Prof B. Marais and Dr A. Kutwa. When opinions differed between contributing colleagues, the simplest most practical choice was adopted. While every effort has been made to correct any errors in the text, the final decision and responsibility was ours alone.

We also wish to thank Dr Lindiwe Mvusi from the South African National Department of Health and Ms Nellie Makhaye-Gqwaru of USAID for their support and mobilisation of resources toward this project.

Where possible, we attempted to comply with the Guidance for the Management of Childhood Tuberculosis (World Health Organisation WH/HTM/2006.371), South African national tuberculosis programme guidelines and provincial prevention, diagnostic and management protocols.

Our sincere thanks go to the publishers for their willingness to support this project and for their innovative vision of presenting the text in both book and web-based format. The latter will be made available at no cost. The question-and-answer layout is adapted from that of the highly successful Perinatal Education Programme.

The funding for this project was obtained from a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) southern Africa grant (under the terms of Agreement No.GHS-A-00-05-00019-00) to the Desmond Tutu TB Centre. The grant was administered by the Tuberculosis Control Assistance Programme (TBCAP) through the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID or the United States Government. We also wish to acknowledge the generous funding from Eduhealthcare, a not-for-profit organisation, in writing this book.

Professor David Woods and Professor Brian Eley

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