Appendix B2 Self-reflection tool

Identifying gaps in one’s own skills and knowledge is an important part of consolidating new learning. Use this tool to reflect on the role play experience.

Self-reflection tool

Yes No


What went well?

What didn’t go so well?

What can I do differently?

Did you introduce yourself?
Did you sit down?
Did you make eye contact?
Did you check your body language?
Did you lean towards the patient/carer?
Did you make sure patient/carer was comfortable?
Did you consider what their body language was saying?
Did you use age-appropriate communication?
Did you stop talking and take time to listen?
Did you tell the truth?
Did you ask what they wished to know about the situation?
Did you ask permission to share information?
Did you give a warning shot?
Did you give information in small chunks?
Did you avoid medical jargon?
Did you check for understanding?
Did you identify and acknowledge the patient’s reaction?
Did you share with the patient/carer some form of plan going forward?
Did you make a contract for the future?
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