Breast Care

Breast Care enables nurses and doctors to better manage the health needs of women from childhood to old age. It covers:

  • The normal breast from birth through puberty, pregnancy, maturity and menopause
  • How to perform a clinical assessment of the breast
  • Special investigations of the breast
  • Benign changes of the breast
  • Diagnosis, management and complications of breast cancer
  • Palliative cancer care
  • Community involvement, support groups and useful websites
  • Recipes and diets
  • Full title: Breast Care: A health professional’s guide to the diagnosis and management of common breast conditions
  • Author(s): Jenny Edge and David Woods
  • With contributor(s): Illustrations by Fiona Gawronsky, adapted for low-bandwidth access by Kevin Shelley and Arthur Attwell
  • Print ISBN: 978-1-920218-76-8
  • Reflowable ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-91-1
  • PDF-ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-76-8

Breast Care is the official training manual of the Breast Course for Nurses run by the author, Dr Jenny Edge.


[Breast Care] is a well-written manual providing crucial information on the leading cancer for women in South Africa. An essential companion for health professionals in primary care.” – Prof J Volmink, former Dean of Health Services, University of Stellenbosch

“Dr Edge is to be commended for her initiative and considerable efforts. I can only describe her outstanding debut as a tour de force. It should be part of the literary arsenal of every breast surgeon and deserves a place of honour in every Breast Clinic.” – Dr Ines Buccimaza, Breast surgeon, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

About the authors of Breast Care

Dr Jenny Edge is a former general surgeon at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, Cape Town. Her particular area of interest is breast surgery. She is an honorary lecturer at the University of Cape Town.

Prof David Woods is a retired neonatologist in Cape Town and the editor-in-chief of the renowned Perinatal Education Programme. He is passionate about self-empowered distant learning for all health professionals.

Acknowledgements for Breast Care

This book would not have been written without the input of many people. It was based on breast care courses that have been taught at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital (CBMH), Cape Town over a couple of years.

Although the chapters were written by David Woods and Jenny Edge, they were based on material supplied by different contributors – experts in their fields. Other chapters were edited by different individuals.

The whole book was reviewed by Dr Ines Buccimaza, Dr Herbert Cubash Sr Riatha van As and Prof Jimmy Volmink.

The beautiful illustrations were drawn by Ms Fiona Gawronsky. The authors would like to thank her for her patience and dedication.

The chapters were edited by the following people:

  • Chapter 1: Dr Ines Buccimaza
  • Chapter 2: Dr Ines Buccimaza
  • Chapter 3: Dr Tom Dicker and Dr Judy Whittaker
  • Chapter 4: Prof Eugenio Panieri, Dr Ronelle de Villiers, Dr Herbert Cubash
  • Chapter 5: Prof Eugenio Panieri, Dr Miriam Mutebi, Dr Irene Boeddinghaus
  • Chapter 6: Prof Eugenio Panieri, Dr Jacqui Hall, Dr Greg Hart, Dr Irene Boeddinghaus, Dr Nola Lloyd, Prof Dudley Werner
  • Chapter 7: Dr Irene Boeddinghaus, Dr Greg Hart and Dr Jacqui Hall. The lymphoedema section was edited by Sr Colleen Marco, Ms Carola Schoonheim and Ms Isla Muhl and Ms Sue Serebro.
  • Chapter 8: Dr Liz Gwyther, Sr Yvonne Jackman
  • Chapter 9: Dr Murray Rushmere, Ms Linda Greeff, Mr Brett Kuyper
  • The multiple-choice questions were edited by Sr Lieske Wegelin.

Sr Sheila Correia and Sr Karen Hill have given their feedback.

The cover photograph was taken by Deryck van Steenderen: the three models were Amanda Strydom, Mandisa Nangu and Gadija Orrie.

The management team (Mr Chris Tilney, Sr Vanessa Cilliers and Michelle Norris) from CBMH, Cape Town, have been generous with their support for this project.

Mr Ian Black, CEC Carecross, was one of the first to express enthusiasm for the project.

A significant contribution to the book came from Mr Brett Kuyper who painstakingly phoned all the listed NGOs working in the breast care sector in South Africa. At the time of publication, the contact details were correct. He also read through all the chapters and made many corrections and asked for expanded explanations for areas that were not clear.

Finally, we would like to thank our spouses, Sarah and Tony, for their support.

– David Woods and Jenny Edge

Contributors to Breast Care

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