Public Health

Public Health: Caring for communities and populations addresses the important challenges of promoting public health and managing healthcare services.

Chapters cover:

  • sources of information about communities and populations
  • measuring and analysing the causes of health problems
  • environmental health
  • promoting good nutrition
  • preventing infectious and non-communicable diseases
  • governance and organisation of healthcare services
  • finance and procurement
  • health information systems
  • managing human resources for health
  • assessing the performance of health services
  • improving health facilities and services.
  • Full title: Public Health: Caring for communities and populations
  • Author(s): Miranda Voss
  • Print ISBN: 978-1-928313-09-0
  • Reflowable ebook ISBN: 978-1-928313-10-6
  • PDF-ebook ISBN: 978-1-928313-11-3


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