Primary Newborn Care

Primary Newborn Care addresses the care of infants at birth, care of normal infants, care of low-birth-weight infants, neonatal emergencies, and important problems in newborn infants.

This book was written specifically for nurses and doctors who provide primary care for newborn infants in level 1 clinics and hospitals.

Chapters include:

  • care of infants at birth
  • care of normal infants
  • care of low-birth-weight infants
  • emergency management of infants
  • management of important problems.
  • Full title: Primary Newborn Care: Problem-solving in the clinic
  • Author(s): Perinatal Education Programme
  • Print ISBN: 978-1-920218-14-0
  • Reflowable ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-71-3
  • PDF-ebook ISBN: 978-1-920218-59-1

Testimonials and reviews

“An essential tool in the initial and ongoing training and teaching of any healthcare worker.” — Prof Miriam Adhikari, South African Journal of Child Health

“All clinical staff working with very low birth weight infants should study either the Newborn Care Manual, or the Primary Newborn Care Manual, of the Perinatal Education Programme.” — Saving Babies 2003–2005: Fifth Perinatal Care Survey of South Africa

About the series editor

A previous head of neonatal medicine at UCT, David Woods consulted to UNICEF and the WHO, and is developing distance-learning courses and innovative, power-free medical devices for health professionals in under-resourced countries.


We acknowledge all the participants of Primary Newborn Care courses who have made suggestions and offered constructive criticism. It is only through constant feedback from colleagues and participants that the content of Perinatal Education Programme courses can be improved.

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