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Add the Learning Station to your intranet

You can now put the Learning Station onto your own intranet or website. Why is this useful? If the learning Station is built into your own site, there’s need to ask staff or students to visit a new website. And you control the branding around the interface.

So if your users are already using your website – for work or library reference, for instance – just put the Learning Station right in there.

See how the Learning Station appears below, as part of this web page? That’s how it works: the Learning Station built into your own site.

  • Get students to complete quizzes in their own time before and during courses, on your own site.
  • Control the branding around the Learning Station: your website, your logo and name. This means users take their learning there more seriously, because it carries your official weight.
  • Easy network management for your IT department. They don’t need to change firewall settings. We just give them one line of code to add to the site’s backend.

That gets you in-house access to all our learning programmes, including all content, tests and video.

Right now, integrating the Learning Station into your website costs just R25000 a year. That’s less than the price of six copies of each of our books. You get unlimited online access to all of them, on your own in-house systems.

Chat to us to make it happen.