Mother and Baby Care for Community Health Workers

Mother and Baby Care for Community Health Workers has been developed specifically for Community Health Workers by Bettercare. Much of the contents and learning methodology has been adapted from the highly acclaimed Perinatal Education Programme course books for health professionals. This guide allows community health workers to work in their own study groups and learn how to:

  • care for a mother during and after pregnancy,
  • help parents care for their newborn baby,
  • identify common problems in newborn babies,
  • explain the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and,
  • understand and care for HIV-positive mothers.

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-928313-15-1

Acknowledgements for Mother and Baby Care for Community Health Workers

We acknowledge all the participants of the Skills to Care Learning Programme who have made suggestions and offered constructive criticism during the development of this course book. It is only through constant feedback from colleagues and participants that the content of the course book can be improved.

Bettercare would like to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Small Projects Foundation (SPF) in supporting this pilot project. SPF is a conscientious non-governmental organisation that has contributed to community empowerment and development in the Eastern Cape and across South Africa.