If you are facilitating (coordinating) a Bettercare course, you can run an exam for your participants at the end of the course. This is a one-hour, 75-question multiple-choice exam.

Participants need to get 80% or more to successfully complete the course. Successful candidates will get a certificate stating that they have successfully completed that course and written the exam.

How to run a Bettercare exam

(You can find our more about being a facilitator in our Facilitator’s Guide.)

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On completion of each course, participants can take a 75-question multiple-choice examination. Participants need to achieve at least 80% in the examination in order to successfully complete the course. Successful candidates will be sent a certificate which states that they have successfully completed the course.

Nurses and students

When you have completed the course, please get in touch with the facilitator who is responsible for your course to get your exam papers. If you do not already have a facilitator, please either consult your invigilator to arrange your examination and certificates on your behalf. They will then follow the instructions for exam invigilators.

Individuals studying alone

When you have finished studying the books, have completed the tests in your book, and feel that you are ready to write the exam, please get in touch with the Bettercare at exams@bettercare.co.za and we will assist you with the examination process. Please tell us which course you are studying and your full name.

Invigilators and facilitators/coordinators

An invigilator for an exam may be a designated training-and-development consultant, head nurse, lecturer, or the group facilitator/coordinator. Invigilators are ideally managers or supervisors who have facilitated the course as part of their routine duties. To be a facilitator you will need to get the permission of the authorities at your clinic or hospital.

  1. Please note: Due to increased printing and postage costs, we now send all exams, answer sheets, and certificates via email as email attachments.
  2. It is best to request the exam paper at least two weeks before your students are due to write the exam.
  3. When requesting an exam paper, please state clearly which exams you require.
  4. The correct answer sheet will be emailed to the exam co-ordinator.
  5. The co-ordinator will then print one exam paper per student.
  6. The exam co-ordinator should keep the answer sheet in a safe place until the participants have completed the exam.
  7. The answer sheet should only be seen by the co-ordinator.
  8. You will need to arrange a venue for the exam and an exam manager.
  9. The time needed for the exam is one hour.
  10. The co-ordinator must make sure that all students have printed their names clearly on the front page of the examination paper. This is essential to make sure that the certificates are sent with the correct student details.
  11. Co-ordinators must mark each exam paper according to the answer sheet and then record the percentage mark that the student has obtained.
  12. 80% is the required pass mark for all examinations. Please tell your students immediately what their results were.
  13. The co-ordinator will then email exams@bettercare.co.za the following:
    • The details for only the students which have passed.
    • The full name of each student.
    • The percentage that each student achieved in their examination.
    • The date on which the examination was written.
    • Which subject was written.
  14. Once this has been done all examination papers and printed answer sheets should be destroyed.
  15. Please allow up to ten working days for the certificates to be emailed back to you.
  16. Please check straight away that you have received all the certificates and that all students details are correct.
  17. Do not plan a graduation until the email with the attached certificates has been received. Then print and hand the certificates out as soon as possible.
  18. At least one month is recommended before allowing a student who has failed an examination to re-write.
  19. Regrettably Afrikaans books and exams are no longer available.
  20. If the co-ordinator plans to write the exam at the same time, he or she must submit the name of a supervisor who is willing to manage and invigilate their exam.