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Add the Learning Station to your intranet

You can now put the Learning Station onto your own intranet or website. Why is this useful? If the learning Station is built into your own site, there’s need to ask staff or students to visit a new website. And you control the branding around the interface.

So if your users are already using your website – for work or library reference, for instance – just put the Learning Station right in there.

See how the Learning Station appears below, as part of this web page? That’s how it works: the Learning Station built into your own site.

  • Get students to complete quizzes in their own time before and during courses, on your own site.
  • Control the branding around the Learning Station: your website, your logo and name. This means users take their learning there more seriously, because it carries your official weight.
  • Easy network management for your IT department. They don’t need to change firewall settings. We just give them one line of code to add to the site’s backend.

That gets you in-house access to all our learning programmes, including all content, tests and video.

Right now, integrating the Learning Station into your website costs just R25000 a year. That’s less than the price of six copies of each of our books. You get unlimited online access to all of them, on your own in-house systems.

Chat to us to make it happen.


Five reasons you should prescribe Bettercare textbooks

Premature twinsBettercare books are designed as turnkey learning programmes, mainly for in-service nurses and midwives. So why are they used so widely as textbooks at universities and colleges? Bettercare books have a few key advantages over traditional textbooks, and these make them excellent student textbooks.

1. Open access: no student should go without

Every Bettercare book is available for free online. While most students prefer to study from a printed book, many simply can’t afford to buy textbooks. Instead, they work through all the content on our website, and use our Learning Station to do their chapter quizzes.

Why do we publish our books online for free?

  • Healthcare publishers should not hold life-saving content for ransom. So we don’t sell our content. Instead, we make money when we sell convenience and services, like printed books, ebooks, assessment and facilitation.
  • Open projects get better faster, because more people contribute to their development over time, suggesting improvements and finding errors. Many of the contributors to our books have volunteered their resources and expertise because we’re open-access.
  • Open projects spread faster. We have to do less marketing, because others share our work. We can build our business around that larger market.

2. Up-to-date information

Our cutting-edge publishing process keeps our books up-to-date. Traditional publishers print thousands of copies to sell over a year or more. They revise their books every three to four years (sometimes just shuffling content to force students to spend money on new editions).

At Bettercare, we can make an update to a book and have that change appear in our online, ebook and print editions in minutes. In areas like HIV care, up-to-date information is critical.

3. Free online self-evaluation

One of the best ways to learn is to check your own knowledge with short quizzes. Anyone can do the quizzes in our books online for free on our Learning Station on a phone, tablet or computer. That kind of instant feedback can dramatically boost a student’s ability to absorb knowledge.

4. Ready for modern tastes: print or ebook

Few debates are as ridiculous as whether print or ebooks are better for learning. Every individual must simply choose for themselves. Our books are all available in print editions and as ebooks.

And if your library wants to put the ebook on their digital access system, we don’t require any bundle purchases or subscriptions – unlike commercial ebook distributors. We keep it simple. Just contact us, and we’ll provide a file for the library’s system at the normal retail price of a single copy.

5. Great for second-language students

Many students struggle to learn in English. Our books have been developed with second-language speakers in mind. This makes our books more effective than almost any imported international textbook.

6. Bonus reason: prep for the real world

Many students leave university with lots of theory and little practice. They’ve learned about sophisticated equipment and complicated protocols and first-world best practice. The real world of healthcare in a developing country can come as a terrible shock.

We’ve worked hard to equip our readers with appropriate knowledge: the most important, practical know-how for providing great patient care in challenging circumstances.

Our guiding principle

We’re different from other publishers because our vision is focused on the impact we have in the world, not on our business. Our vision statement is a personal commitment every team member makes to the world we’re creating: ‘When I go to hospital, I meet empowered nurses who love what they do.’ We hope you’ll help us grow more of them.

Press release: New book tackles the spread of dangerous infections

Cape Town, 10 October 2014—Tragically, the Ebola crisis in West Africa has reminded us of the vital role healthcare professionals play in controlling the spread of dangerous infections. Across the globe, doctors and nurses in under-resourced areas face enormous challenges, and put themselves at risk in helping others.

Infection Prevention and Control coverInfection Prevention and Control is the work of three exceptional professionals who are equipping these professionals to do their work well and safely.

Dr Angela Dramowski led the writing process, motivated by her team’s work at the Unit for Infection Prevention and Control at Stellenbosch University. She partnered with Professor David Woods, who leads the renowned Perinatal Education Programme (PEP), and Professor Shaheen Mehtar, a retired Infection Prevention and Control expert who remains actively involved with the Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) working groups. Together, they have written a self-study book that will help healthcare workers on the front line inexpensively and efficiently.

Bettercare books provide self-powered continuing education for all healthcare workers without the costs of courses and workshops, with a strong focus on how to work effectively in difficult conditions. Infection Prevention and Control gives practical guidance and case studies in a range of important areas, including dealing with micro-organisms, risk management, waste management, outbreak investigation and more.

The book has already been welcomed by healthcare leaders in South Africa, Egypt and Australia. Simon Schaaf, a professor at Stellenbosch University, points out that proper IPC is often neglected: “it is often the obvious that is most neglected, and this book will reinforce the basic IPC measures that we all in healthcare should know and be practicing.”

You can read Infection Prevention and Control online for free, and order copies, at

About Bettercare and PEP

Bettercare provides nurses with proven ways to learn together, give better care, and love what they do. Their decentralised learning model has been proven to help healthcare professionals by boosting knowledge and confidence and improving patient care. Their coursebooks are used by universities, public and private hospitals, and non-profits in South Africa and other developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Visit Other new and revised titles include Breast Care, Adult HIV, Maternal Care and Primary Maternal Care.

The Perinatal Education Programme (PEP) has pioneered an acclaimed self-help training methodology for health professionals that places the responsibility for continuing education on the participants themselves. Visit