Women’s Health Care

Women’s Health Care enables primary health workers to manage the everyday health needs of women. It covers:

  • reproductive health
  • family planning and infertility
  • common genital infections
  • how to conduct a gynaecological history and examination
  • vaginal bleeding and
  • the abuse of women.

ISBN (print edition): 978-1-920218-65-2
ISBN (reflowable edition): 978-1-920218-90-4
ISBN (international edition): 978-1-717898-85-2

About the authors of Women’s Health Care

Prof David Woods is a previous head of neonatal medicine at UCT. He consulted to UNICEF and the WHO, and is developing distance-learning courses and innovative, power-free medical devices for health professionals in under-resourced countries

Dr Silke Dyer is a senior specialist in the Reproductive Medicine Unit of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town.

Acknowledgements for Well Women

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the constructive comments made by Prof A. Kent, Prof G. Theron, Dr G. Petro, Dr M. Moss, Prof L. Denny, Dr J. Edge, and Prof E. Panieri.

Our sincere thanks go to the publishers for their willingness to support this project.

We are also grateful to Eduhealthcare whose funding enabled the development and publishing of this book.

– Prof David Woods and Prof Silke Dyer