Mother and Baby Friendly Care

Mother and Baby Friendly Care teaches gentler, kinder, evidence-based care of women during pregnancy, labour and delivery; and improved methods of infant care, including kangaroo mother care and exclusive breastfeeding. It covers:

  • mother-friendly care during pregnancy
  • mother-friendly care during labour, delivery and the puerperium
  • principles of Kangaroo Mother Care
  • practice of Kangaroo Mother Care
  • baby-friendly care
  • encouraging breastfeeding.

ISBN (print edition): 978-1-920218-24-9
ISBN (reflowable edition): 978-1-920218-98-0
ISBN (international edition): 978-1-717897-80-0

About the series editor

A previous head of neonatal medicine at UCT, David Woods consulted to UNICEF and the WHO, and is developing distance-learning courses and innovative, power-free medical devices for health professionals in under-resourced countries.

Acknowledgements for Mother and Baby Friendly Care

We acknowledge all the participants of Primary Newborn Care courses who have made suggestions and offered constructive criticism. It is only through constant feedback from colleagues and participants that the content of Perinatal Education Programme courses can be improved.

Funding towards this publication was generously provided by Eduhealthcare.

Editor-in-Chief of the Perinatal Education Programme: Prof D. L. Woods

Editors of Mother and Baby Friendly Care: Prof D. L. Woods, Prof G. B. Theron

Contributors: Dr A.M. Bergh, Dr N. Bergman, Dr F. Bonnici, Sr K. Christie, Dr M. Hann, Prof J. Hofmeyr, Dr S. Honikman, Prof G. Kirsten, Sr M. Kreft, Mrs E. Ryan, Mrs A. Strydom.