Adult HIV


“A very good overview of what one needs to know when working with people infected with HIV.” — Dr Beth Harley, Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine

“Highly recommended for the non-HIV specialist that needs to acquire the skills to manage HIV patients in the community in a safe and effective manner.” — FIDSSA Quarterly

Recommended by the SA HIV Clinicians Society in the December 2009 edition of Transcript.

Adult HIV enables healthcare workers at primary-care clinics to manage all aspects of HIV-related patient care. It covers:

  • Introduction to HIV infection
  • Managing people with HIV infection
  • Preparation for antiretroviral treatment
  • Antiretroviral drugs
  • Management of patients on antiretroviral treatment
  • Approaches to HIV-associated infections
  • Screening tests for HIV

Adult HIV was developed by doctors and nurses with extensive experience in the care of adults with HIV, under the auspices of the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation at the University of Cape Town.

ISBN (print edition): 978-1-920218-17-1
ISBN (reflowable edition): 978-1-920218-92-8
ISBN (international paperback edition): 978-1717893-53-6

About the authors of Adult HIV

Catherine Orrell is the Treatment Division Leader and an Associate Professor at Desmond Tutu HIV Centre at UCT.

Richard Kaplan is a Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator at Desmond Tutu HIV Centre at UCT.

David Woods is a retired neonatologist in Cape Town and the editor-in-chief of the renowned Perinatal Education Programme. He is passionate about self-empowered distant learning for all health professionals.

Acknowledgements for Adult HIV

  • Ms Felicity Cope, who played a major role in collecting the required training material,
  • Dr Catherine Orrell, who identified what was important and relevant to the care of adults with HIV infection.
  • Revisions have been managed by Dr Richard Kaplan, Dr Anna Cross and Dr Precious Garnett.
  • The Adult HIV Education Programme was developed under the auspices of the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation at the University of Cape Town, and was guided by an editorial board consisting of Prof L-G. Bekker, Ms F. Cope, Ms K. Fosseus, Dr C. Orrell, Dr R. Kaplan, Ms L. Mtwisha and Prof D. Woods.
  • The contributors who shared their wide experience and provided wise advice to ensure the text was scientifically correct and clinically appropriate were Prof M. Blockman, Dr K. Dong, Dr C. Horwood, Prof D. Martin, Dr D. Wilson, Dr F. Venter, Prof R. Wood and Dr B. Harley.
  • Comments and suggestions by all the participants who use Adult HIV to further their own continuing education will provide ongoing feedback.
  • A generous grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and funding from Eduhealthcare, enabled the development and publishing of this book, and a number of valuable contributors have helped to fund its further distribution.